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Planning for a successful 2020 winter starts now

Planning for a successful winter starts now 26 September 2019A winter crop paddock showing a critical source area which has been left uncultivated and ungrazed. The paddock also provides shelter for animals. Careful planning in spring is an important part of...

Farmers support additional efforts for wintering practices

Farmers support additional efforts for wintering practices 7 August 2019   Good practice winter grazing on farm Farmers support additional efforts for wintering practices New Zealand’s farming sector supports additional efforts to improve winter grazing practices on...

Reality of winter on dairy farms

Winter can be a challenging time for farmers. Rainfall and cold weather events inevitably make things wet underfoot and managing those conditions is particularly challenging for farms whose paddocks are home to animals.

Caring for dairy cows and managing mud in winter is a top priority for all farmers grazing cows during winter. Industry good body DairyNZ spoke with two Canterbury dairy farmers about how they look after their cows and the environment.

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