Growing NZ pride
in dairy

    By Colin Glass

5 March 2018

It’s an exciting time in the dairy sector. There is so much change happening. We have a new strategy, ‘Dairy Tomorrow’, and changes to the DairyNZ board, to name a few.

I’ve seen a real change in dairy farmers over the past year too.

People outside the sector may think I’m referring to the extensive work farmers are doing to make their farms more environmentally sustainable. But as you all know, this isn’t new. Farmers have been doing this for a long time.

What has changed is farmers stepping up and telling their story. This has been a challenge for many who are naturally humble and have struggled with accepting they need to engage more with their communities and take them on their journey.

I believe your efforts are paying off. How the public feels about dairy is changing. I hope you are all starting to see that. The public are starting to see your hard work and investment to look after the environment. I think many now realise that dairy farmers really do care about the land, the waterways and their cows.

I believe we need to continue opening people’s eyes to what the sector is doing and what’s really happening on-farm.

Helping change the public’s perception of dairy farming is just one of the things that motivated me to put my name forward to become a director on the DairyNZ Board.

I want New Zealanders to be proud of dairy, like I am, like you are, and like our ancestors were.

Globally, New Zealand dairy is highly regarded. Wouldn’t it be nice if New Zealanders felt the same way? I believe if we keep doing what we’re doing this is achievable.

My father always said that when you get up in the morning, if you haven’t got a couple of problems to solve to give you some passion or drive in your day, then you need to find some pretty quick. I’ve always embraced this motto, and believe the last few years show farmers do too.

We’ve faced our fair share of challenges, but we’ve stood up and responsibly addressed them.

I’ve never known anyone on farm, or in the sector, who doesn’t wake up not wanting to do the best they can. For many of us, dairy isn’t just a job, it’s our home, it’s what we live and breathe, and we’re all trying to make a difference to leave our land in a better state.

I’m excited to be a part of this new chapter for the sector, and help New Zealand dairy go from strength to strength.

Colin Glass was recently voted in by farmers as a director on the DairyNZ Board.


Colin Glass

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