Happy ice cream Sunday!

Trudy and Matthew Holmes.


13 July 2018

New Zealanders have got it licked, leading the world in per capita ice cream consumption, and this coming Sunday (July 15) is an excuse for a few more licks than usual.

Sunday is Ice Cream Day. While the celebration is an American invention, Kiwis should get the party started, with the international dateline ensuring we will be the first to see the light on Ice Cream Day.

At 23 kilograms of ice cream consumed per person annually, New Zealand is well ahead of the United States which consumes 15 kilograms of ice cream per person annually.  Even our Australian neighbours have trans-Tasman ice cream envy, importing around 1.5 million tonnes of our ice cream last year. The Japanese, however, are the biggest importers of New Zealand made ice cream, tipping the scales at 3.8 million tonnes in 2017.

While the Jersey cow has the highest milk fat percentage, ideal for producing delicious ice cream, the Friesian breed of dairy cow proudly sports our national colours with a splash of black and white. This reminds us that of course New Zealand is world-famous for many things, including the quality of our dairy products. It all starts with our dairy cows, which are grass fed and carefully bred to ensure they produce the best milk. Our innovative manufacturing technology is also well-respected.

The New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association states that ice cream is defined as a ‘sweet frozen food made from cream and/or milk products and other foods’ – and that it must consist of not less than 100g/kg of milk fat, which is music to the ears of New Zealand’s dairy cows.

More scoop on ice cream:

  • The ancient Greeks were the first to concoct an icy dessert that food historians say heralded the modern ice cream.
  • It takes approximately three litres of full milk to produce one litre of ice cream.
  • There are about 50 licks in a single scoop.
  • And New Zealand ice cream lovers cite vanilla as their top flavour, with our world-famous hokey pokey and boysenberry also being favourites.

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