Helping hands for farmers keen to share their stories

26 June 2019

Dairy farmers keen to share stories – and pictures – of their farming lives now have a helping hand in the form of three guidebooks produced by DairyNZ.

The guidebooks provide tips and techniques for sharing stories, photographs and brief videos on social media, in newspapers and magazines, or on radio or TV, and their various online formats.

DairyNZ has produced the guides – Social Media 101, Sharing Your Stories, and Picture This – following requests from farmers for help with telling their stories.

“Farmers know that giving people insights into dairy farming is a powerful way to help with better understanding, but told us they found getting started a little daunting,” says DairyNZ’s General Manager Responsible Dairy, Jenny Cameron.

“The guides help to demystify media – both social media and traditional – making it easy and rewarding to share stories and imagery beyond family and friends.”

She says the social media guidebook outlines the basics, while the Sharing Your Stories booklet recognises that what makes a good story for traditional media is a little different.

“Sharing Your Stories delves into the detail of distilling what you want to say in the media, how to say it and how to write it, and there are interview techniques in there too.”

Ms Cameron says the Picture This guidebook is about using smartphone cameras to take still photographs and short videos.

“Just about everyone has a smartphone tucked in their pocket these days – and farmers are right on the spot to capture photos and video that can provide positive insights into dairy.

“Following the recommendations made in Picture This, anyone can be sure of producing images that are of good technical standard, as well as being appealing.  There’s also a section on where work can be shared, for example, on TV weather reports where great images are often used as background shots.”

Social Media 101 can be downloaded at and Picture This at

Print copies of any guidebook can be ordered by emailing

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