Dairy farmers encourages to

make climate submission

11 March 2021

DairyNZ is encouraging dairy farmers to provide feedback on the Climate Change Commission proposal, and a template is now available online to help.

Launched online today, the template and supporting information will help dairy farmers complete a submission on the Commission’s recommendations, due March 28.

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle said dairy farming plays a big part in transitioning to a low-emissions economy and it’s important farmers are heard.

“Farmers have a lot on their plates and writing a submission doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So this submission form helps by making it as easy as possible to have their say,” said Dr Mackle.

“The outcome of this consultation could have quite significant and long-lasting impacts on how we farm in New Zealand. There are areas of the Commission’s report we support and some areas we feel further analysis is required. DairyNZ will be submitting our final, full submission in the next couple of weeks.

“To support our farmers, our early analysis of the Commission’s report is also available. Broadly, we feel positive about the research and development long-term plan, we support the split gas approach, and agree much better digital access is needed to support the transition to a low-emissions economy,” said Dr Mackle.

“However, we will be seeking further information on a number of aspects.”

DairyNZ is undertaking further assessment of the farm systems, science and economic assumptions made by the Commission. This will look at a number of aspects – these include the practicality of biogenic methane targets and the productivity gains achievable on farms.

“We believe the Commission needs to revisit its assumptions on what can be achieved for biogenic methane to 2030, and therefore its recommendations about what pathways are possible.

“We are also looking at the overall economic impact – we believe it is not possible to reach the level of reduction outlined, while maintaining current milk production.”

Dairy farmers are encouraged to voice their thoughts on the proposal.

“This process is geared at making a submission on proposed policy less daunting. It’s important farmers get involved and provide their feedback – the commission want to hear from everyone and how these proposals could impact us all.”

DairyNZ’s full submission, on behalf of levy paying farmers, will be available once complete.

Farmers can access the submission template at www.dairynz.co.nz/carbon-budgets

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