Dairy farming through the eyes of a child

18 June 2018

Dairy farming is shown through the eyes of four-year-old New Zealander Jack Greenan in a heart-warming video from DairyNZ.

The video shows sides of dairy farming the public may not often see including family life, the contribution farmers help make to our lives and the great aspects of being a dairy farmer.

Jack stars in the video with his parents Olin and Anna and baby brother Noah. Jack loves living on a dairy farm surrounded by animals and machinery. He helps his father herd the cows and check on the calves. He also enjoys practising his rugby moves in a paddock with his Dad.

Olin says there are many professional and lifestyle benefits of life on a dairy farm. “It’s great having a strong connection to nature, being a custodian of the land and producing sustainable food. It’s awesome having interesting and varied work, and being able to see my children during the day.”

DairyNZ marketing manager Andrew Fraser says the dairy sector is about so much more than cows and grass. “People are hugely important to everything that happens on a farm. Their work provides nutrition for New Zealanders and world markets.

“This video celebrates the awesome work farmers do, their dedication to their work and the inspiration they provide for their children.”

The video was made for the New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards.


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