DairyNZ: RMA changes must deliver better outcomes

29 July 2020

DairyNZ is backing changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA) to deliver reduced compliance costs for farmers, increase efficiency and improve environmental outcomes.

DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle said a comprehensive reform of the RMA is long overdue and would be a positive step not only for farmers but all New Zealanders.

“The RMA has become too unpredictable and inefficient for applicants. Farmers will be keen to see this reform deliver a process which is faster, simpler and less costly,” said Dr Mackle.

“Potentially replacing the RMA with two separate pieces of legislation for environment and planning makes a lot of sense and will deliver better outcomes for farm environments, which face different issues than our urban counterparts.

“A separate environment act would also support clear and efficient environmental rule settings,” said Dr Mackle.

“The proposal for each region to put forward a combined development plan has some merit. A regional view could support better decision-making on issues such as the appropriate use of land to lock up carbon and the opportunities to support land use flexibility through new irrigation.

“We are asking all political parties to reflect seriously on these recommendations and to work quickly on achieving meaningful reform in the next term of Parliament.”

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