Farmers benefit from RP events

7 August 2020

Tararua plantain project

DairyNZ’s events for rural professionals in the Lower Noth Island will ultimately help farmers get even better support. 

Before the Covid-19 lockdown, DairyNZ’s rural professional (RP) events were attended by more than 100 people, including service providers, sales representatives, farm consultants, regional council staff, bankers, and staff from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

A variety of topics were discussed, including the dairy sector strategy Dairy Tomorrow, the Fertility Breeding Value Trial, and an update on the region’s Tararua Plantain Project, to name a few.

Since lockdown, our online gatherings have still been attracting large numbers. Requests have been made for future topics and speakers, so the events are set to continue to ensure farmers’ trusted advisers have the information they need to support their clients. Future events will be in person.

Getting the message right

Engaging with RPs at these events is critically important in helping them communicate DairyNZ’s knowledge, research and support to farmers, through consistent and accurate messaging. They can then work more effectively with their clients to make informed decisions about a farm’s business, operation and sustainability.

Feedback has been highly positive, with attendees commenting on the value they gained through being brought up to speed on regional projects. They also commented on how the events have given them a chance to network with other RPs, allowing them   to broaden their connections to better assist farmers.

The next event will be on August 27, 2020, at Manawatu Golf Club, Palmerston North. Go to for details.

Tararua Plantain Project

DairyNZ research has found New Zealand-bred plantain can reduce the concentration of nitrogen (N) in cows’ urine patches. This allows plants to  utilise a  greater proportion of N, which reduces N leaching by an estimated five to 30 percent.

The  DairyNZ Tararua Plantain Project started more than a year ago, with a working group of eight Tararua farmers planting plantain and sharing their information and experiences.

The project has gained momentum, with around 50 of  the 118 farmers in the Tararua District giving plantain a go.

Our aim is to get all 118 farmers on board – or to at least arm them with detail to  make an  informed decision for their farm.

While it’s too early to measure water quality results, DairyNZ does have enough data from research to create forecasts on expected improvements. The numbers are looking promising.

Find out more about the project at

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